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MRP Passport Renewal Rules 2023

MRP Passport Renewal Rules If you want to know about MRP Passport Renewal Rules then today’s article is for you. Today we will discuss in detail how to renew your passport manually or through the office There are five regional passport offices in Dhaka from where you can re-issue machine-readable passports. Agargaon, Secretariat, Jatrabari Uttara, and Cantonment

Permanent and temporary residents of this area will be able to get a passport There are also passport renewal offices in almost every department or district Visit the website at for more details.

MRP Passport renewal rules

You must renew your passport when your current passport expires At present some special machine activities have been started in all the districts of Bangladesh and abroad MRP Passport Passport can be renewed online The rules for renewing an MRP passport are discussed in detail below

MRP Passport Renewal Rules 2022

Rules for renewing MRP passport online

You must follow some rules to renew your MRP passport online

First, you need to select a browser. Now you can type this in the search button search it. Now select your previous MRP passport from ID’s Documents option and give the correct information.

Follow the pictures below for an easy understanding

First, go to the Id Documents option and select the Yes I have a Machine Readable Passport option

Secondly, what is the reason for your passport request? From here, click on the Arrow sign and specify the reason for renewing the passport.

Here are the reasons why you will renew your passport

  • EXPIRED- If the passport expires
  • LOST / STOLEN- If lost or stolen
  • DATA CHANGE – To change information
  • UNUSABLE- If the passport is lost or torn.
  • OTHER- for other reasons

Thirdly enter your passport number like (EG8157541874)

Fourth: Now specify the date of expiration of password and date of issuance of passport Submit this information correctly Complete the rest of the information as per the e-passport application and submit How to complete the rest of the steps Passport rules

You can read more:

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Office MRP passport renewal rules

If you want to renew through the office, you must follow some procedures How to renew an MRP passport is shown below

First, you have to collect the renewal / re-issue form prescribed by the Passport Office. Now you have to fill out the collected form properly. If you want to correct any information about your current passport then the following two rules will be written nicely. Enter the information you want to correct in the second cell

However, you must keep in mind that changing the permanent address is a police verification Your application must be accompanied by a photo of the current passport and a photo of the original national identity card. And finally, the money deposit receipt should be glued on top

What is the MRP passport renewal fee?

Some banks have been designated for MRP passports You can deposit an MRP passport fee through these banks Such as Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, Bank Asia, and One Bank For an ordinary passport, if your passport is valid for 1 year, then you have to deposit Rs. 3,795. And in two years, 4 thousand 140 rupees will have to be deposited.

4,465 in case of expiry and within three years. 4,630 in case of expiry and four years. 5,175 in case of five years. How long does it take to get MRP passport?

It takes 21 days to get an MRP passport after renewal In case of emergency, if the expiry date is within one year, you will have to deposit Rs If it expires within two years, you have to deposit 6 thousand 590 rupees And within three years, you have to deposit 6 thousand 935 rupees

If it expires within four years, you have to deposit Rs. 6,260. If it expires within five years, you have to deposit Rs. You will be notified via SMS if your documents are in order. After that you can bring your passport It takes 11 working days to get it

Documents required for passport renewal

  • National Identity Card / Online Birth Registration
  • A printed copy of the application form
  • Print passport of previous passport and database
  • GO / NOC for government employees
  • A printed copy of the registration form or application form
  • Documents required for data correction

What to do when MRP passport expires 

You must apply online to renew your MRP passport when it expires Bangladeshi passport system is in operation in all districts of Bangladesh and abroad You can go directly to the passport office and renew your passport Or you can renew your MRP passport by applying online

Last word on Mrp passport 

I hope you have benefited from today’s article MRP Passport Renewal Rules I have tried my best to help you If there is any mistake in this, you must let us know in the comments. By following the above information correctly, you can easily renew your MRP passport.

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