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How to set up Facebook Star (Find out now)

How to set up Facebook Star: Many people have asked us about the rules for setting up Facebook Stars. Now you can easily earn money by setting up Facebook Star. Already many people have a star option on Facebook. You can easily earn money from Facebook by setting up this Facebook page.

Today’s article discusses how to set up Facebook stars in a very simple way. So without further ado let’s know about the rules for setting up Facebook Star.

Rules for setting up Facebook Star

  • Go directly to your Facebook to set up Facebook Star. After that click on your Facebook profile.
  • Click on See Dashboard under Profile. After clicking scroll down you will see an option for Monetisation.
  • Click on Direct Monetization. Click on the Monetization option and you will get an option called Star Setup.
  • Click on Setup from here. After clicking scroll down and click on Get Started.

After that step by step, you have to provide all the information including bank details.

  • First, select the country.
  • Then select Individual from Business Type.

Note: In setting up a Star account, the name, and address given at the time of opening the bank account must be given here.

  • After selecting the country name and business type, click on the next button.
  • After clicking the next button, a picture like below will appear. At this stage, you have to give your first name, middle name, and last name. In this case, if your name is 2 words, give the first part first and the last part last, there is no need to give the middle part.
  • Then enter your correct date of birth, address, and city where you currently reside.
  • After that city, zip code, tax identification number email, and phone number should be given.
  • Finally, after giving the above information, if you scroll down, you will get a tick mark option, tick it and click on the next button.
  • After clicking on the Next button you will see two options as above. First is the bank account and the second is to link the account if you have a PayPal account.
  • Since we do not support PayPal accounts in Bangladesh, we will add a bank account in that case.
  • Click on Manually Bank account. Mention the country from which your account was opened. Since we are in Bangladesh, we have to select Bangladesh here.
  • Then write the name of the account holder. That is, enter the name of the person in whose name the bank account has been opened here. Then enter the bank’s SWIFT code. Then provide the account number of your bank account.
  • Then click on Link Payout Method. As soon as you click, your Facebook Star account will be set up.

As soon as you click, you will get the option to earn from Facebook Star.

How to earn from Facebook StarThe

The Facebook tester option is a new way to earn money. When you turn on the Facebook Ester option. After that, you have to select a range or limit every time you upload a video to Facebook. After uploading the video, if the video goes in front of your viewers, they will see their options from there, if they think your video is good, then if they click from there, you will earn.

How to Setup Facebook Store (Video)

If you are having trouble understanding any of the information discussed above, you can get a complete idea by watching the video below.

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