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RFL Web Do BD Working System | www Pran RFL Web Do

This post of mine today is for those of us who will work on the RFL Web Do or buy goods products or demand goods on rfl web do, many of us do not know how rfl web do works so if you read this post carefully, then Hope there will be no more difficulty to demand or buy goods on Asha RFL Web DO.

RFL Web Do Working System

To work on RFL Web Do, first, open any browser on your mobile and search for RFL Web Do, then you will see a website like the image below.

RFL Web Do BD Working System | www Pran RFL Web Do

After clicking on RFL Web Do on the above website, a new page will appear after clicking on rfl web do. And there you have to enter the username and password as shown in the image below.

RFL Web Do BD Working System | www Pran RFL Web Do

You will enter the dealer’s money and write their username in the above username column. However, it should be noted that the username must be five digits or six digits. You should know your dealer’s username and password beforehand. Their username password cannot be shadow waved, and we all have our dealer’s username password.

Then click on log in option after giving the username and password then another new page will come in front of you in this page you will get all options of your web DO like….

  • Order Entry.
  • Active Order.
  • product info.
  • Undelivered.
  • Damage entry.
  • Damage Approve status.
  • MR status.
  • Cancel do.
  • Hidden do.
  • Incentive offers.
  • Complain.
  • Change password.
  • Log out.

RFL Web Do product info

Product info is information about what products are in your group, that is, if any of the goods of the dealer that you are arranging the duty has been undelivered before, and if any of the company’s goods have been undelivered, then you need to check MR Status in MR Status: MR The bank statement of the amount you have deposited in the status, i.e. one month’s statement is available.

RFL Web Do one has to stress a lot about money and how money is added rfl web do:

The money that you deposit will be in MR on the first day and then it will be in the balance. Please note that when you go to buy a product from the company, the money of Mr. Dilar will be 502, that is, you can buy the goods for 502 rupees.

And if the company has got it from the dealer then there will be no mark. That is -502’s – will not exist. Then go to order entry and select your name in SR Assign. Then you will see your name is selected. Then you go to item code. After clicking on the item code, give the item quantity. After giving the code, if the goods are available, then you will see an information on your phone screen. And if no information comes, then it will be understood that the goods are not available.

Then go to the active order, after clicking on the active order, the duty will go to the company.

This is how to work in today’s rfl web. If you are new to the topic, then we will give you a video below, if you watch the video carefully, I hope you will understand.

How to see the product’s unique code?

Products must be ordered with a unique code. Not in the name of the product. Each product has a unique code. How to see the product’s unique code?

First click on product info. What products are there in rfl group are given in product info. And you will find the product code there.

How do active orders?

Active order means to confirm the order of the product that you have arranged in RFL Web Do. After arranging the products as desired by the dealer in the Order Entry, the order will be confirmed only after clicking on the Active order button.

What is RFL Web Do product info?

What is product info? info means information. Product info will have information about the products in your group. What is the dealer’s claim against the company? Again, there will be details regarding what the company owes to the dealer. Product info contains various information about Tachhara products.

What is RFL web do MR Status?

RFL Web do contain information called MR Status. All transactions of dealers and companies are settled here. MR Status has an account of the amount deposited by the dealer in the bank. MR Status has last month’s account saved.

Some more information about RFL Web Do Order entry

RFL WEB DO Order Entry

You will enter RFL Web Do. Then press the order entry button. If you press it, you will see that a new page will open, take a good look at the new page. Your lessee name or dealer name will show at the top.

Then you can see all the updates below one by one.

  • Code
  • Group
  • Balance
  • MR

Not only that, again RFL dealer has SR Assign, see its item code quantity. Press the item code quantity. Then you will know whether the product is available or not. If the product is not available, you cannot activate the web.

If the product is available, then you can easily activate

RFL Web DO item quantity.

The dealer is given a list by the company. Which is called a price list. The item quantity of each product will be given in the price list.

The item quantity can have one. Sometimes there may be many. In that case, you prioritize your needs. You must select a product item quantity as quantity.

How is RFL WEB Do Money Add? How to check RFL web DO balance.

Dealers deposit money with their company according to their dealer code. All dealers pay like this. The money deposited by the dealer will first go to MR. After a few days or a while, the dealer’s money will go to the balance.

Pay attention here, go to the dealer of RFL company to buy any product. Then dealer amount will be shown as -1002. 1002 worth of goods can be purchased from the dealer company.

As we have seen above money was minus before. So dealer can buy goods from RFL company. If there is no minus then the dealer can buy the product from the company. Because there is no minus sign. That means get money from the dealer of the company.

How to order Product in RFL web DO?

What a dealer needs to do to order products

A dealer to order products from RFL Company

  • First, click order entry.
  • Then select your or dealer’s name.
  • Then SR Assign will be done.
  • Then click on the item code
  • Select item quantity.
  • Then give the product code.

If the goods are available, the information about the goods will come. The dealer can see the product information on the screen of his phone.

And if no product information comes. Not showing any information on your mobile screen. Then you must understand that no goods are available.

If the goods are available, and you want to order, then click on active order. If you click on active order, your RFL duty will be accepted by the company.

How to log in for RFL Web Do Entry?

Must Do You cannot do RFL Web Do Order Entry without your dealer username and password, you must have a login username and password to do RFL Web Do.

How to add money to RFL Web Do?

It is very easy to add money in Web Do. We have shared the complete method in this post. If you read the complete post, you will know the details about how to work in Web Do, how to do order entry, and you will know all the details.

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